Caring for Jewelry


1. We recommend that you keep your jewelry in a separate box, the best is a box that is lined with fabric. Keep this box in a dry and clean place.
2. Take off your jewelry before showering or doing dishes. Soap and detergents can your jewlery to look dull and not clean.
3. Remove your jewelry when using a public pool or hot tub. If there is chlorine in the water it can cause discoloration of the metal.
4. Falling, hitting the stones and jewelry should be avoided, also contact with chemical and abrasive substances should be avoided.
5. A special cleaning agent for the purpose of cleaning silver jewelry should be used to clean silver items. This can be purchased in many jewelry stores.
6. A soft textile or brush, and warm water can be used to clean silver jewelry.
7. When cleaning semiprecious stones and precious metal jewelry adorned with semiprecious stones it should be kept in mind, that since the stones have different consistency and durability level, different cleaning methods should be used. For instance, water is not suitable for cleaning stones such as selenite, calcite, malahcite, hematite, and haulite. Stones such as lapiz lazuli, malachite, hematite, opal, and pyrite should not become in contact with salt.
8. Occasionally check clasps or hinges to see if they are working properly.
9. Hang serpentine chains to prevent their bending and breaking.

Kati Tarma "Kivide tervendav toime"