Pink amethyst and peridot ring

Stone: Pink amethyst, peridot, white topaz
Metal: Silver
Hallmark: 925
Weight: 4.1 g
Size: 17

Pink amethyst has all characteristics of amethyst, and it helps to create warmth, peace and harmony. Pink amethyst also resembles to rose quartz as it is associated with love, healing of heart energy and heart chakra. Peridot or olivine is a stone of joy, love and abundance. It helps to get rid of negative thoughts, blocks negativity and helps to raise confidence and good mood. As a stone of love it helps to give and receive love. White topaz (also known as clear or silver topaz) is considered to be a healer of the soul, it helps to remove stagnant energies and promotes positive changes. It also facilitates spiritual development and finding ones purpose in life as well as manifestation of wishes and ideas. It purifies emotions and actions, and helps to let go of mental attachemtns. As it carries the energy of truth it promotes clarity of mind.

EUR 89.00