Flower of life Pendant

Metal: Silver
Hallmark: 925
Weight: 4.6 g
Size: length with loop 42mm, width 30mm

The Flower of Life can be found in all the major religions of the world. It can be found in Japan, Lebanon, India, Marrakech, Egypt, Holland, Austria, Israel, etc. It is believed that Flower of Life embodies the fundamental forms of time and space. Many other symbols can also be derived from it. For instance, Seed of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Kabbalistic Tree of Life. For many, this symbol is a key to all secrets of universe as it is believed to contain a record of information about all living things. The Flower of Life is used to focus when studying and for meditation. It helps see the reality for what it is, and free from deep-seated fears.

EUR 39.00